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Book of Mormon — Locations


The following is a list of unique named places in the Book of Mormon. None have been independently identified.

Aaron city
Ablom, place
Agosh plains
Akish wilderness
Alma valley
Ammonihah city
Ammonihah, land
Amnihu hill
Amulon, land
Angola city
Ani-Anti village
Antionum, land
Antiparah city
Antipas mountain
Antum, land
Boaz city
Bountiful city
Bountiful, land
Bountiful, (Arabia)
City by the Sea
Comnor hill
Corihor, land
Corihor valley
Cumeni city
Cumorah hill
Cumorah, land
David, land
Desolation city
Desolation, land
Ephraim hill
First Inheritance, land
Gad city
Gadiandi city
Gadiomnah city
Gid city
Gideon city
Gideon, land
Gideon valley
Gilgal city
Gilgal valley
Gimgimno city
Helam city
Helam, land
Hermounts wilderness
Heshlon plains
Heth, land
Irreantum sea
Ishmael, land
Jacob city
Jacobugath city
Jashon city
Jashon, land
Jershon, land
Jordan city
Josh city
Joshua, land
Judea city
Kishkumen city
Laman city
Laman river
Lehi city
Lehi, land
Lehi, land (south) Lehi-Nephi, land
Lehi-Nephi city
Lemuel city
Lemuel valley
Manti city
Manti hill
Manti, land
Melek, land
Middoni, land
Midian, land
Minon, land
Mocum city
Moriancumer, place
Morianton city
Morianton, land
Moriantum, place
Mormon forest
Mormon, place
Mormon waters
Moron, land
Moroni camp
Moroni city
Moroni, land
Moronihah city
Mulek city
Mulek, land
Nahom, place
Narrow Neck
Narrow Pass
Narrow Strip
Nehor, land
Nephi city
Nephi, land
Nephihah, land
Nephihah plains
Noah city
Noah, land
Noah waters
Ogath, place
Omner city
Onidah hill
Onidah, place
Onihah city
Ramah (Cumorah) hill
Riplah hill
Ripliancum waters
Sebus waters
Shazer, place
Shem city
Shem, land
Shemlon, land
Sherrizah, place
Shilom city
Shilom, land
Shim hill
Shimnilom city
Shurr valley
Sidom, land
Sidon river
Siron, land
Teancum city
Zarahemla city
Zarahemla, land
Zeezrom city
Zerin mountain

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Middle Earth Book of Mormon Holy Bible
J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings names at least 279 locations. None to date have been identified because it is a work of fiction. Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon names at least 129 locations unique to his book. None to date have been independently identified. The 66 books that comprise the Bible names over 1,200 locations. Hundreds have been independently identified.
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